FFA Cup Final: give it to Bruce!

This week the FFA Cup was launched. No need to mention where it was launched – ça va sans dire.

As part of the festivities, FFA CEO David Gallop (a man who needs to work on his profile, if Santo, Sam and Ed’s interview with Gülcan Koca is any indication) announced that there would be no Wembley-style fixed home for the final of the FFA Cup.

It is staggering that a man as intelligent, handsome, debonair and articulate as David Gallop could overlook the one true stadium that could and indeed should serve as the home of the FFA Cup Final.

Bruce Stadium.

The spruced Bruce. Photo ©Les Street/@official_lesdog

The spruced Bruce. Photo ©Les Street/@official_lesdog

Bruce Stadium, in the Canberra suburb of Bruce, is the spiritual home of football not just in the ACT but for the whole nation.

The reasons for Bruce Stadium to become the home of the FFA Cup are multitude. Here are but a few:

  • It’s called Bruce Stadium. (Admittedly some company has paid for naming rights, but underneath it’s still Bruce Stadium.)
  • There is no more Australian name than Bruce.
  • It was the home ground for Canberra Cosmos.
  • The Socceroos played Kuwait there in 2009. (Australia lost.)
  • Mark Viduka (playing for the Olyroos) scored a goal against South Korea there in 1995. (The home supporters booed when Kevin Muscat’s name was announced pre-game.)
  • It’s called Bruce Stadium.
  • Everyone – and I mean everyone – loves a road trip to Canberra.
  • So many other things to do and see in Canberra, such as all the roundabouts.
  • Bruce Stadium is so Australian. It’s more Australian than an upwards inflection at the end of a sentence.
  • It’s called Bruce Stadium.
  • The toilets are labeled “Bruces” and “Sheilas”.*
  • It’s not in that unholy cesspit Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide. (Delete as appropriate.)
  • You can drive your car up to the boundary line and honk when a goal is scored.
  • It’s called Bruce Stadium.

The case is clear, then. There is only one natural, you-beaut, fair dinkum choice. To host the FFA Cup Final anywhere else would be un-Australian.

Thin White Line calls upon the FFA to lock in Bruce Stadium to host the FFA Cup final from now until eternity.

*not an original joke. (Apply as required.)

Photo courtesy of Les Street.