Sydney and the bush

200px-Juventus_TurinToday marked the official launch of the 2014 A-League All Stars game, which will pit the league’s All Stars against Juventus of Turin. The launch was held in Sydney, where the game will be played later this year.

NSW Minister for Tourism and Silly Walks Major Events, George Souris (the one that didn’t play for Wollongong Wolves), announced that Juventus would be coming to Australia for the first time. This was news to the thousands who had watched Juventus play against Australian opposition in the regional town of Melbourne in the 1980s and more recently in 2008.

Was it an honest slip? Can it be blamed on an overworked staffer who wrote the speech in haste? Was he distracted by his terrible tie? Or was it a calculated attack on the paranoid souls living south of the Murray?

The other Les Murray once wrote, When Sydney and the Bush meet now, there is no common ground.

It is clear today, over thirty years after the poet penned those words, that he wasn’t writing about the tortures inflicted upon the indigenous population and the white man’s haste to colonise and industrialise a semi-arid nation.

No, he was writing about the Sydney-centric bias of football authorities in Australia. The other Les Murray: a poet and a prophet.