AFC Asian Cup – high five!

Hands up who wants to be the AFC Cup Global Ambassador? My goodness he's a handsome man. Just look at him. Since he trimmed off those ridiculous sideburns he's just… delicious.

Hands up who wants to be the AFC Asian Cup Global Ambassador? My goodness he’s a handsome man. Just look at him. Since he trimmed off those ridiculous pointy sideburns he’s just… delicious.

The draw for the 2015 Asian Cup was held during the week in Shepparton Sydney. Australia will be hosting the tournament.

The Socceroos were drawn in Group A with Kuwait, Oman and Korea Republic.

Hang on, Oman? Oman! And that means: Paul Le Guen. Oman’s coach had a verbal tiff with Australia’s previous coach Holger Osieck during the World Cup qualifiers. It was very amusing. Perhaps Ange Postecoglou will also unleash a fusillade of f-words in the Frenchman’s direction, as his German predecessor had done.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle this week when Alessandro Del Piero was named – wait for it – AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015 Global Ambassador.

The ratbags of social media quickly came up with a list of current and former Australian players that they considered better candidates for the position of Global Ambassador. For some reason, neither Dean nor John Anastasiadis got a look-in.

TWL quickly put this tedious kerfuffle to one side when it was discovered that various local ambassadors had also been appointed.

One such ambassador is Charli Robinson.

This prompted the question: Who is Charli Robinson? Turns out, she’s a former member of a group called Hi-5.

Which prompted the next question: Who (or what) are Hi-5?

Delving deeper into the dark crevasses of the internet, it appears that Hi-5 are some sort of children’s entertainment group, specialising in loud shirts and merchandising.

Google, in its wisdom, prompted further questions, such as: Who is Kellie Crawford? And why is she in her underwear? Two questions that are much more difficult to answer.

Returning to the 2015 Asian Cup, there will be five host cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra (Bruce Stadium), Newcastle and Brisbane. Mitsubishi Park in Launceston missed out on hosting any of the 32 games that will be played during the tournament.

The tournament starts on 9 January 2015 with Australia vs Kuwait in Melbourne. Australia’s heart-breaking loss in the final will be held on 31 January in Sydney.