Santo Cilauro: Mark Viduka, Croatia, and the Late Show

The third of Santo Sam & Ed that isn't Sam or Ed.

The third of Santo Sam & Ed that isn’t Sam or Ed.

Ian Kerr spoke with writer, comedian and broadcaster Santo Cilauro for Issue 2 of Thin White Line. This is the stuff that wasn’t good enough we didn’t have room for in Issue 2.

Mark Viduka once said of Santo Cilauro, “He’s one of the funniest guys in Australia, but he’s not that funny in real life.”

It’s a comment that probably should be put into context.  The V-Bomber had insisted that Santo come into the rooms after Leeds United’s match against Valencia at Elland Road in May, 2001.  Viduka introduced Santo to his team-mates as his “mate from Australia”.

Viduka and Santo shared a surreal moment after the Australia-Croatia match at the 2006 World Cup in Germany – a match that itself verged on the surreal, thanks to the three yellow cards shown to Josip Šimunić.

“Mark had just captained Australia to the round of 16.  He came into the mixed zone, and we gave each other a massive hug.  I’d been getting all these text messages from Australia.  I told him that people in Australia are going nuts, it’s just gone insane.  He pulled back, and said to me, ‘Yeah it’s pretty amazing. Mate, do you have any Late Show tapes on you?’

“I said, ‘You don’t understand, my sister has texted me, we’re all in tears…’

“He said, ‘Yeah.  We’re going crazy in camp, do you have any Late Show stuff?’

“I told him that maybe I could get some stuff from London.  Mark said, ‘Could you do that?  Could you send it to the camp?  We really need something to laugh.’”

With that, Dukes turned away and sliding doors opened to the sponsors area.  As the doors opened, a thousand camera flashes went off, and Viduka started walking into the light, his giant frame in silhouette.

“He was almost through the door, then he turned back and said, ‘The sketch you did with your uncle, that one really cracks me up.’

“And then he walked back into the light again.

“It was completely surreal.  We ended up getting the Late Show stuff for them too.”

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