Technology comes to park football

Futboard_Ad_3Futboard is a new app aimed at park footballers and amateur leagues. Thin White Line’s editor took time out from tracking down George Best impersonators to talk to the brains behind the project: Jördis Deutschmann and Diego Berjon.

Let’s start with the most important questions first: what team do you support and why?

J: I like to play rather than watch and if so I like to watch good games to observe the strategies they follow rather than specific teams. If I actually go to watch live games and enjoy the amazing atmosphere in a stadium than it is FC Union Berlin – a local club that is hands on with an amazing fan base. The fans even helped to build the stadium once the club ascended to the 2nd division and didn’t have money of its own.

D: I have to say I’m a Barcelona fan. What can I do? I’ve lived in Barcelona for four years and I’ve been fortunate enough to witness some of the finest football ever played.

Do you play?

J: I did play for a local Berlin club but now I only play for fun with friends, with a team of former colleagues and my 12 year old nephew.

D: Jördis is the one doing all the playing. I’ve never been a football player, just a BIG football lover.


They’re doing a German version too. No word yet on an Esperanto version.

How did the idea for Futboard come about?  I’m guessing that someone got sick of always having to ring around to see who wanted to meet for a game…

D: You got that right, Ian. I came to realise there was this huge lack of organisation and efficient tools to not only make amateur football easier for everybody, but to give exposure and relevance to all football players, no matter where they play. Then, when I got in touch with Jördis, she confirmed it and we even expanded the first ideas to better suit the practical needs she experienced.

J: Once I started playing in a local club, I realised I spent as much time answering phone calls, updating Excel tables and commenting in a blog about training sessions and upcoming tournaments as I spent on the field. This was annoying. Once my friend Diego called me to ask for help on an amateur statistics tool, I answered, that this can only be a starting point: what amateur football really needs is an organising tool to make life easier for every player out there.

Does the app include an option to choose the pub for after the game?

J: Not yet, but that is definitely a feature worthwhile considering!

D: That is probably the best feature that’s ever been discussed to be included in Futboard. We should definitely come out with that one for the beta version!

I await my hefty royalty payement. Why did you choose to crowd fund your project?

J: One thing we know for sure at Futboard: We do not want to get our hands tied with big investors like VCs and lose our autonomy and independence from day one. That’s why we are asking for every player’s help.

Ball_Is_Rolling_ENWe have already started designing the beta version for the app but we definitely need more hands to get things done better and faster. With all the funds we raise, we want to bring more IT expert people to the project and make futboard available for everybody as soon as possible.

If you want to support the Futboard crowd funding campaign, then whip out your credit card (or someone else’s, all money’s the same in the end, right?) and visit their indiegogo campaign site.