Birmingham City vs Luton Town 1972

By Miles McClagan

Early season programmes dance with promise – new signings are always “exciting”, managers are always sure everything will work out fine.

Six games in, Birmingham City’s Blues News was already chastising the fans for barracking poor Stan Harland for having the temerity to make a mistake against Crystal Palace and picking on the fans for their poor attitude.

With one win from six, the glamour of a League Cup tie against Luton Town on the road to Wembley gave everyone a breather from the poor league start. Thankfully there was Trevor Francis, a dominant women’s team, and a pint of Double Diamond at the end of the day to settle everyone’s nerves…


Blues News isn’t just for squares. See what we did there? Did you?

The Blues News Cover – painted in style by primary 2s, premiere devotees of “smudge art”.


“Talking to John Moxley” – hint: Moxley’s not the bird.

Peter and Bob Latchford get enthralled learning about the Throstle – while the reader learns about that unique Latchford sense of humour.


David Wiseman retires, and is rewarded for a life well-lived with a silver salver the size of Birmingham itself.


The Birmingham City ladies team – storming past those hapless midlanders. Fans of background details might wonder where the man in the background is climbing to…


Is it “Supporters Club” or “Supporters’ Club”? Oh Blues News, won’t you make up your mind?

The Supporters Club buses the old folk to the Wye Valley as part of the care in the community programme – dancing to “the Lemon” is in the future.


The ultimate in style – the Swallow coat. Luckily it’s fine in the rain…

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