Bobby Kerr testimonial 1976

Bobby-Kerr-coverBy Miles McClagan.

I love this photo, in all its 1970s goodness.

Even the curtains, the font…

It’s a lost world of football, so far from Beckingham Palace. I want to bottle it. (Can you bottle a lost world?)

Bobby Kerr, I hope you got 10 million to your testimonial…


413 starts, 14 substitute appearances and 1973 FA Cup winner. Rumour has it that he is the smallest person to have captained an FA Cup winning side. Ponder that one.

But what would a programme be without advertisements? A programme for a testimonial match offers special opportunities for advertisers to wrap themselves in the honouree’s glory by, let’s say, telling the assembled throng that your firm gave him “an ideal second form of Transport”.


It’s sporty! It’s fast! It’s a motor-assisted bicycle!

The copy writers hedged their bets, describing the Sparta as “superior to most 50cc Machines”. They also didn’t mind Capitalising words that they Thought to be Important. There’s a rogue “it’s” in the copy as well but, as they say in the classics, nobody likes a pendant.


Bobby was 5′ 5″ (about 1.65m) and was nicknamed “The Little General”. Only a General would be able to get away with collar-length hair in the army.


What does the future hold for baby-faced Bobby Kerr? A full head of luxuriant hair. And comparison with the great’s who over the year’s represented their club’s with honour.


For the Vaux Breweries ad the copy writers abandoned the straight-forward and went for plain blunt. At least they managed to keep the copy clear of any stray apostrophes.

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