Wandering in search of seagulls

I spent much of last night’s match counting seagulls with one hand and discovering the joys of Instagram with the other. While consumed in that frenzy of social vanity and bird watching, I missed my chance to find a pastie.


The beef between Australia’s two larger cities will be fed again in round one as Sydney FC welcome the refurbished Melbourne City to the A-League.

photo2 The beef in the food at Etihad was dubious.


Not much left to say about Melbourne Victory’s triumph over Western Sydney Wanderers at Etihad last night. There was no questioning the local side’s superiority, as they were up 3-0 before the 30-minute mark. Despite narrowing the difference, the WSW goal was something like unsuccessful CPR.

Archie Thompson sealed the result in the second half as the competition migrated to the stands. Melbourne Victory’s home support became a unified terrace in a decibel race against Western Sydney.

By Ben de Buen.