WBA vs Watford 1977 programme

Programme: West Bromwich Albion vs Watford (League Cup 3rd round)

Date: 25 October 1977

Score: 1-0

So, who's your match sponsor, eh?

Your cover star is John Trewick – the man who once said of the Great Wall of China “Meh, seen one wall, seen em all”.

While tipping a cap to West Broms late 70s salad period (this programme comes mere days after a 4-0 rout of Manchester United put them 3rd in the table) this week’s programme is more interested in the match sponsor for the League Cup visit of Watford: one John “don’t take his seat in first class” Bonham from Led Zeppelin.

Sadly the compilers of this programme got things slightly wrong – firstly listing Bonham as being from “the Led Zeppelin group” on the cover, which makes them sounds like an insurance firm – and then when praising Bonham for the success of his hit single “Stairway to Superstars”. A bustle in your hedgerow indeed.

That said, filled with plugs for “Soccertalk”, gear cutting opportunities in Oldbury and Willie “Bud” Johnston leading a darts team to glory at the Throstle club, we can forgive this glorious document the odd mistake…

WBA-2John Bonham and a slight typo, and sadly no winning entry for a game of “Soccertalk”.


The days when 4 1/2p got you a delicious potato snack.


The Throstle Club roared in 1977, especially when they dared to give Bud some darts and a pint….


Oldbury – the place where men and women could gather to gear cut and generally engineer.


Ronnie Allen gets bevvied up to celebrate being manager of the month.