Ajax Amsterdam vs Sparta Rotterdam 1993

It's time for Kick Off with Danny Blind, hipsters rejoice...

It’s time for Kick Off with Danny Blind, hipsters rejoice…

By Miles McClagan

Programme: Ajax Amsterdam vs Sparta Rotterdam (Eredivisie)

Date: 7 February 1993

Result: 6-0

Here’s what I knew about the Dutch league as a World Soccer-reading football hipster in the early 90s:

1. Any game involving PSV, Ajax or Feyenoord against anyone would invariably end at least 6-0.

2. Les Murray would always introduce the Dutch games on SBS with a sly grin as if the mere mention of the Dutch league would scare off anyone but the true football fans.

3. Shoot! Magazine would always clue you in to the latest “Dutch wonderkid” in their World Soccer segment so you could write it down.

4. And any UK football shop daring to be “cutting edge” would stock a Genoa and Ajax top in the shop window…

So with the spirit of that early 90s hipster, it’s worth having a flick through the programme from Ajax vs Sparta Rotterdam from 1993 (fulfilling the Hipster lore of the day, the score was 6-0). There’s Bergkamp. There’s Litmanen. There’s Van Der Sar. There’s Jonk. There’s Better Beds. There’s comfy giant couches. There’s Sjaak Swart flogging some tat… if only early 90s hipster Miles had been able to get his hands on this document – mind you, he’d probably have preferred something published by VVV-Venlo. Oh you’ve never heard of them…


I’ll take the keeper with the big ears.

De Bank, De Couch, De line-up of future stars…


In the early 1990s, hip young Dutch women only owned one pair of shoes.

The good folks at Beter Bed would like this ginger lassie to help you feel convinced to buy some tat…


No Sjaark you don’t get to keep it, it’s just a loaner.

Sjaak Swart, known as “Mr Ajax” and also a man who doesn’t mind a free car…


Bergkamp meets a wean with a better tracksuit, and a jovial ref looks after the weans’ penalty shoot out.


The exciting, futuristic world of CD-I… learn how to count the goals Ajax score against anyone else with Bert and Ernie…

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