Soccer City – the board game

wallpaperSoccercity_12_1280x1024Soccer City is a board game based on – wait for it – football! Friends Lisandro and Gonzalo had an epiphany one day that led to the creation by hand (as opposed to by foot) of the first version of Soccer City. They’re now running a Kickstarter campaign to launch an English-language version of the game.

Thin White Line chatted with Lisandro about Soccer City.

ShotOnGoalWhat exactly is Soccer City?

It’s a board game based on soccer that mixes role playing and movement of figures on a board. Players have decks of cards that represent different actions: dribbling, tackling, goalkeeper saves and shots on goal. The game’s power increases exponentially when you use the tactical pads. There’s even a referee represented by a dice. It’s basically an extremely faithful soccer simulator.

A referee represented by dice? Sounds like a viable alternative to some of the refereeing we’ve witnessed of late. What inspired you to create the game?

We’re both board game lovers, more specifically strategy games lovers. And we’re soccer fanatics. We noticed that there weren’t any good soccer simulators that were thrilling, fun and easy to play. So we decided create it!

You first launched the game in a Spanish-language version – has it been popular?

We can see that Spanish gamers are very happy. Sports board games are difficult to introduce to a new market, and this is a difficult market.

Tablero_English_para_Lowerbox_Perspectiva_PEQUENOWhy did you choose to use crowd funding to launch the English-language version?

Basically, because we spent all our money in the Spanish edition! We did a crowd funding campaign in Spain and we raised €5000. That money and our savings gave us a good start.

GonyLichiWhat was the thinking behind giving the game a retro look?

We chose the retro look for two reasons: first of all because the market is already exhausted of modern soccer aesthetic, and secondly both of us love the retro look of the old soccer because it is more romantic.

Why a “physical” game with cards and figurines instead of a computer game or app?

First reason is programming – we just don’t have the know-how. Gonzalo is an IT engineer but games are not his field. We decided to make the physical board game because it was little cheaper and more affordable according our expertise. But for sure, if everything goes as expected, we already have an app planned to be programmed… but that’s another thing…

Want to be one of the first to get your hands on the new game? The Soccer City Kickstarter campaign is off and running now. You can buy the game, t-shirts, and artwork. Whip out your credit card – or someone else’s for that matter since all our wealth is reduced to meaningless ones and zeroes these days – and back the Soccer City Kickstarter campaign.