Nottingham Forest vs Tottenham Hotspur 1984, Division One

We're always proud to promote the servies of Andrews Heat for Hire - direct from the manufacturers!

We’re always proud to promote the servies of Andrews Heat for Hire – direct from the manufacturers!

By Miles McClagan

Programme: Nottingham Forest vs Tottenham Hotspur

Date: 04/02/1984

Result: 2-2

Ah, Nottingham Forest. In the interests of irrelevant full disclosure, I’m not a huge Nottingham Forest fan because at a really crucial stage of the 95/96 season they had the cheek to beat Liverpool 1-0 at the City Ground.

That said, in the “great programme” scope of things, they aren’t too bad. Cloughie is usually up to some kind of antics, they have NO problem dragging the weans out for a family snap, and the 70s “one for your scrapbook” series they had was outstanding.

Dipping into the world of their 1984 home programme against Tottenham (fun fact: if Anderlecht hadn’t bought the referee, this would have been the 84 UEFA Cup Final) though, we find the world of football commerce just creeping in a bit on the homely world of Nottingham Forest.

Cloughie’s editorial explains why he packed the boys off to Dubai for a money-spinning friendly (hint: the money-spinning part) while another page begins the process through which Posh and Becks would be created. Yes, it was Wrangler rather than anything cool, but look closely. There’s “Wags”, there’s weans, there’s modelling…it was a slippery slope.

Throw in Brisbane Roar coach Frans Thijssen posing with the family, spruiking his summer tennis skills (“watch out Ian Bowyer!”) and you have a moment in time where two worlds collide…

However, as a throw out question… was toning cotton canvas EVER cool?


This man is now the coach of the Brisbane Roar, and enjoys a game of snooker – watch out Corey Brown!

Forest vs Spurs programme

In 1984, keepers wore gardening gloves.

A short plug for Central TV – and a debate for the ages…does the goalie save this shot or not?

Forest vs Spurs programme 1984

Does the word “slacks” exist any more?

Gaze in wonder ladies in gentlemen: the birth of football sponsorship, wag culture and Herringbone denim together at last

Forest vs Spurs programme 1984

The Midlands revival of “Welcome Back, Kotter” wasn’t a success, despite the presence of Ol Big Ead.

Cloughie meets some old pals, but me being me, I was more taken by the 400 quid VHS player from Johns Televisions, Mansfield Rd Nottingham.

Forest vs Spurs div one programme 1984

Jack Burkitt, FA Cup winner…one wean unimpressed…

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