The immense hair of Kew Jaliens

Photos by Keith McInnes.

Melbourne City beat Newcastle United 4-0 on Saturday evening. Who cares about results, though, when you have this man and his hair in your team:

Kew Jalien's hair

Kew Jaliens: best hair in the A-League. Look at his mane. It’s marvellous. Even the people in the background can’t take their eyes off Kew’s lovely locks. Matey with the dodgy porno-star moustache is transfixed. Blondie is picturing running her hands through Kew’s hair while relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean. Or maybe Frankston. They’re pretty much the same.

Jalilens (and his hair) scored the opening goal. And at the right end, too.

City hipster

Now that Melbourne Heart is Melbourne City, hipsters are allowed in the “active support” section. This bloke with the Cleveland Indians cap (or whatever ironic team it might be) is cheering because he has just heard that beer will be served in jam jars at half-time. Our bearded friend is planning to have a tattoo of Kew Jaliens on his arm. Meanwhile, towards the left of this photo, a man with a megaphone is trying to sell nuts.

Melbourne City's Aaron Mooy

Kew Jaliens may have Melbourne City’s best hair, but Aaron Mooy is the club’s best player.

David Williams Melbourne City

This is David Williams. He scored in the second half, his first goal since November. It’s been that sort of season for Newcastle. Bring back Heskey!

The seagulls of AAMI Park

Official attendance was 5867. Ha! Sounds like the guy who used to count Carlton SC’s crowds back in the 1990s still has a gig. Perhaps he included the seagulls in the crowd figure. And the ball kids. And the refs. And the catering staff. And the police. And anyone who loitered outside the stadium for more than a moment.

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