Brief notes from a virtual launch

By Ben de Buen

The tech-savvy A-League has just kicked off its eleventh season by means of a virtual launch that was transmitted live and free on YouTube. If you missed it, watch it here.

The launch began with a group of kids in A-League kits juggling balls around a stage to the tune of the Tomahawk Chop, a song that was adopted by Major League Baseball club, Atlanta Braves, in the 1990s, but was used by the Florida State Seminoles as early as the 1940s. The Chop, allegedly meant to resemble Native American chants, has been questioned for its political correctness.

After three minutes of the Tomahawk Chop that left some of the jugglers out of tricks, Master of ceremony, Adam Peacock took to the stage to present this year’s competition as well as the speakers for the day, FFA CEO, David Gallop, and Hyundai COO, John Elsworth.

“We’ve watched the fans swell,” said Elsworth (referring to support and numbers, but allowing for decontextualized remarks on stadium food and overall health of the population).

After the speeches, a live videoconference was held with all ten A-League captains appearing simultaneously on the screen, in what Peacock accurately described as “our very own Brady Bunch.”

A-League season launch or Google Hangout?

A-League season launch or Google Hangout?

A palm tree on Central Coast Mariners kit has been added to the “sun and sauce bottles and cannons,” that already define the club’s identity.

“Have you ever played football with a palm tree on you?” Peacock asked CCM captain, Nick Montgomery.

“No, to be honest it’s pretty unique, the owner of the club’s got vision,” Montgomery replied.

Virtual photo opportunities followed, with an impressive technological display that allowed players to appear as holograms on the stage.

In-the-flesh refreshments were provided in the venue’s lobby, apparently.