A futsal powerhouse

Issue 3 of Thin White Line is out soon. Here’s a sneak preview from the magazine. Pascoe Vale FC – Melbourne’s futsal powerhouse taking on the rest of the world.

Words by Anthony Thalassinos

Photos by Zark Photography.

Pascoe Vale futsal

Dark, gloomy, and way too early, Pascoe Vale FC gathers to its fortress in inner city Melbourne on a Friday morning to prepare for their next opponent. Led by André Caro, each Pascoe Vale FC player arrives on time and wearing the team tracksuit. They greet one another with a slap of hands followed by a warm embrace.

Futsal Pascoe Vale

As the players one by one trickle down to the pitch, a game of sheva (keeping’s off) breaks out to shake off the fatigue felt by an early morning start. Each touch is crisp and concise. Laughter breaks out occasionally as the players strive to nutmeg the workhorse in the middle.

Futsal Pascoe Vale

Despite playing on a smaller pitch, the squad includes characters similar to any outdoor team: the commanding Italian goalkeeper, the enchanting Brazilian midfielders, and the elegant French striker just to name a few.

Futsal Pascoe Vale

“Year after year we try to become more professional,” says André Caro. “I want to develop as a club not just a team, I don’t look to Australia, I look to European clubs, I want to get to the level European clubs are.”

Pascoe Vale Futsal

Full article published in issue 3 of Thin White Line.