Goal Click football photography exhibition in London

Thin White Line chatted with Matt and Ed from Goal Click.

You guys have big news – and it’s not a baby, right? Although if you two are having a baby we’re all TOTALLY ok with it.  

We are happy to report that we do have big news! We started Goal Click almost two years ago and we now have enough photos back from around the world to run our first exhibition. We thought that timing it to coincide with the Euros would be a good idea, and the plan is to build some buzz and awareness around Goal Click. The ambition is to complete the project in a few years, maybe around the 2018 World Cup, though we are not tied to that timeline!

Even more exciting is that adidas have come on board as our first partner, so the momentum is really building. With adidas we are doing a sub-project called Goal Click London, getting a group of Londoner-based photographers to capture football life in the city.

We also launched our Instagram page @goalclick so check that out! It really brings the whole project to life.

So neither of us is becoming fathers, although Ed has just got engaged!

Well done Ed. When’s the exhibition running?

The exhibition will run for a month throughout the course of the Euros, from June 10th to July 10th. The venue is called BL-NK and it’s in trendy Shoreditch in East London. It made sense for our first exhibition to be where we both live and the global nature of London epitomises the Goal Click project. But we have already had interest from France, the USA and the Philippines to host Goal Click exhibitions!

Goal Click - first look at one of their photos from India

Goal Click – first look at one of their photos from India

I’ve had a look at the venue. It’s very hip. Will they let anyone in?

The venue is very cool, but really accessible. Anyone can come and check out the exhibition during the Euros, except for the occasional private event. Tweet us @Goal_Click to ask us any questions or check if the gallery is open.

What’s the latest set of photos you’ve published from the Goal Click project?

There is a lot of momentum right now with many cameras coming back to us with great photos. Our most recent photos have come from Peru, Indonesia, Germany, Rwanda, Liberia and Philippines, and we’ll be publishing photos from Morocco, Jordan and Singapore soon.

The range and diversity is amazing, from the Inca Trail in Peru and remote tribal communities in Indonesia to footballers surviving Genocide in Rwanda.

Our photos from Rwanda were amazing. We worked with an organisation called Football for Hope, Peace and Unity (FHPU) that uses football raise awareness of the atrocities committed during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, helping reconciliation and unity in the future. It’s heavy stuff, but a story that needs to be told.

Goal Click will be featured in issue 4 of Thin White Line. Visit the Goal Click website at goal-click.com.