Football Film Festival 2017

Brazil Poster FINAL

The Football Film Festival 2017 is on soon in Melbourne, and this year [CLICHE ALERT] the festival is dancing to a samba beat.

With Seleção (that’s what football hipsters like to call the Brazilian national football team) descending on Melbourne in June to play arch-rivals Argentina and not-so-arch-rivals the Socceroos, this year’s festival looks beyond the shiny swoosh and daily outrage to tell the story of Brasil through football film.

This year’s films explore the influence of colonialism and migration, design, oppression and freedom, media, technology and globalization.

The festival will start … and finish… on Saturday 10 June, and will be held at the Kino Cinemas in Melbourne.

Session Information

11.30am Session 1: The Origins, featuring Miller & Fried: Birth of Football’s Nation along with a bonus short film and a special live podcast with Behind the Game.

2.00pm Session 2: The Hero, featuring Pelé: Birth of a Legend and a bonus short film.

4.20pm Session 3: The Future, featuring Geraldinos and a panel discussion.

The 2017 edition of the Football Film Festival is presented in partnership with CINEfoot,