Football: games, stickers and fantasy

Dipsy DudesAdam, Richard and Rob are a trio of Welshman otherwise known as the Dipsy Dudes. Their YouTube channel is an unusual excursion into the worlds of football gaming, fantasy football and football stickers. Thin White Line spoke to the lads and as usual asked all the hard questions, including the one about the Teletubbies.

Let’s start with the name: Dipsy Dudes. Are you Teletubbies fans or are you fond of a drink?

Adam: No, not Teletubbies fans.

Richard: Well, I’m fond of a drink and I know Rob is.

Adam: I know exactly where the name came from –

Richard: Go on, tell us all how I came up with it.

Rob: What?!?

Adam: It was Rob. It was us three playing Fifa ages ago and either me or Richard did a skill move like a step over and Rob said “what’s that dipsy doo b%$&£!ks you did?” and from there on in, any time we done a skill move we shouted dipsy doo. Then we decided to call our channel name Dipsy Doo but it was already taken, so we went with Dipsy Dudes.

Dudes-webSo much for the Teletubbies theory then.  What inspired you to start making videos?

Rob: Well we all went to college together studying Media so we’ve been making videos since around 2001 in some shape or form, but actually committed to doing something properly this year after years of promising to start something.

Richard: We talked loads about doing this sort of thing but never did, we’ve done our own side projects but never done anything together. I think our problem was that we always came up with an idea that was too big and became too much of a “to do” to actually do it. Adam was the one who said we should do this.

Adam: It was simply a case of going on YouTube and seeing all these channels and in some cases being more entertained by them than normal TV and I thought well we could do that between the three of us, we must be able to figure it out. But it’s not about the money, as we don’t make any, it’s about enjoying making the videos and having other people enjoy watching them.

retro_italiaOf the vintage football games you’ve played, which ones do you rate the highest?

Rob: I’ve got three main ones that stick in my mind. There was World Cup Italia 90, which we’ve already featured on the channel, but I played it on the Master System not the Mega Drive. There were the early Fifa games on the Mega Drive and PlayStation. Fifa 96 on the Mega Drive was a particular favourite because it was the first Fifa which allowed transfers. But for me, my all-time favourite was on the PlayStation, it was Pro Evolution Soccer 2, which I’m not sure if it’s classed as retro as it’s only about 12 years old, but if is retro that’s my favourite game.

Adam: World Cup Italia 90 because we played it recently and it was brilliant. I was a big fan of Virtua Striker 2 on the Dreamcast. I’m going to go for a sneaky answer here though. For me it’s Championship Manager 2. That’s a vintage football game! It’s a game I played instead of revising for my GCSEs.

Richard: Yes Adam, and that’s why you’re here with us today… Well the first football game I owned was Nintendo World Cup on the NES. It looked like they’d taken the characters from a beat’em up game and put them on a football pitch instead. I’ve always been a Fifa guy when it came to football game, from the original on the Mega Drive and then Fifa 98, 99, 2000 and 2001 on the PlayStation. I remember playing a game in an arcade where there was a ball on a string and you had to kick the ball into the machine to score, that was big arcade machine! But my favourite retro football game is probably Fifa 99.

Football stickersYou had a football sticker challenge during the 2014 World Cup. Why do you think that football stickers appeal to football supporters?

Rob: Is it a man thing?

Richard: No, I just think it’s a collection thing.

Adam: When we were in the thick of it all during the World Cup I noticed loads of women collecting them.

Richard: It’s not a gender thing, people just like collecting things. As stupid as it sounds, whether it’s pogs or whatever, football stickers are the coolest.

Adam: And the thing is, we now have a completed World Cup Sticker book which is…

Richard: Don’t say it will mature in value…

Rob: No it won’t, it’s cost us £250!

Adam: But you can’t buy a completed sticker album, you have to complete it, it’s a memento for the World Cup.

Richard: It’s the challenge, it’s fun and there’s a thrill, as when you get it, it feels like you’ve earned it. I’ve committed time to this and earned it, and I would do it again!

Adam: The same book?

Richard: No… maybe for the Euros.

Fantasy Football Dipsy DudesDo you have any hot tips for anyone who has been sucked into the vortex that is Fantasy Football?

Richard: Well there’s the Herbie rule of course. If you’re playing the Barclays Premier League game like us specifically, you want to be aiming for 53 points or higher each week to be in with a shot of winning your league. Other than that I would say, you’ve got to be a tinker man. You’ve got to have a core of around 6 to 7 players and then have 3 or 4 players that could come in or out at any time depending on what teams playing that week. So for example this season there are a few firm core players already like Ivanovic, Ramsey, Fabregas, Diego Costa and Sterling.

Adam: My method is to pick a team, an actual premier team that you think is going to be the strongest and build your team around that. So I’ve picked Chelsea and I have 3 Chelsea players as the spine of my team, Ivanovic, Fabregas and Costa. They’ve been in from the start and I’ve built my team around them. Then supplemented the team with good players from Arsenal and Liverpool.

Rob: I have no method to my teams, which is why I’ve never won anything.

Richard: We run a league called the Dipsy Dudes Divisional Championship, which I focus on at the moment because of my weekly show called the Fantasy Football Fix which is on the Dipsy Dudes YouTube channel. Lots of good advice on there for your weekly transfers.

Finally, will Wales ever bid to host the World Cup?

Rob: No

Richard: No

Adam: Got to qualify for the thing first.

Richard: We’ve got 4 good stadiums, The Millennium, City of Cardiff, The Liberty and Parc Y Scarlets. We’d probably have to do a joint bid with Scotland, although they’d probably want to go on their own.

Rob: Yeah they’d probably do a joint bid, but they’ve failed for the Euros with a joint bid with Scotland before. We just don’t have the infrastructure to stand for it on our own. Like Adam said I think Wales should concentrate on trying to qualify for something.

Adam: What about qualifying for the Euros?

Richard: We’ve talked about this before. With the team Wales have they should qualify for the Euros. With the increase in teams for the next tournament, you’ve got to be dire not to get into the Euros. Look at the other teams out there that have a few class players, Switzerland and Poland, one or two great players mixed in with a bunch of bang average players. Wales have enough class players and bang average players that we should be qualifying because there are teams that qualify that are just full of bang average players, like Greece!

Adam: A problem we have is we have bang average players in crucial positions! Up front for example. Defence is fine, it choses itself. Midfield is class, you have Bale, Ramsey, Ledley and Allen.

Rob: No strength in depth. In the past we’ve struggled to get our top 11 players to turn up to a small match in Eastern Europe. So to summarise, No we don’t think Wales will bid… and with the increase in teams for the Euros it makes it even less likely we’d bid for them as we’d need even more stadiums.

The Dipsy Dudes have a channel on YouTube