Hating Napoli is costly

Hating Napoli is costly.

It can cost anywhere from €20,000 to €25,000 to dislike the birthplace of pizza.

The FIGC decided last season to crack down on territorial discrimination. This season the crackdown has reached ludicrous new heights.

Udinese played Napoli at the Stadio Friuli on Sunday night. Ten minutes into the second half, the home supporters chanted “Odio Napoli!” – “I hate Naples!”  At the same time, the away supporters chanted Odio Udine!” – “I hate Udine!”

This episode of mutual loathing attracted the attention of Gianpaolo Tosel, the giudice sportivo for the Serie A. Tosel is responsible for doling out justice at whatever cost . . . to the clubs concerned.

In this case, Tosel decided to fine only Udinese. Apparently, hating Udine is ok, but hating Napoli is not. Supporters of Udinese have pointed out that if they really wanted to have a crack at Napoli supporters they would have sung about the, er, y’know, the usual lazy regional stereotypes. Vedi Napoli e poi muori and, er, all that.

Incidentally, Tosel is from Udine. Work that one out.

The fine of €20,000 was €5,000 less than Juventus was fined for some anti-Neapolitan business earlier in the season. Looks like we’ve discovered another thing that Juventus does better than Udinese.