Hull City vs Manchester United – Division 2, 1974

8p for a programme and a 3pm Saturday kick-off. Thank goodness football has moved on since those times.

The truly great roar that welcomes you to Boothferry Park, 1974.
8p for a programme and a 3pm Saturday kick-off. Thank goodness football has moved on since those times.

By Miles McClagan

Programme: Hull City vs Manchester United (Football League Division II)

Date: 23rd November 1974

Score: 2-0

Once the delight of Manchester United’s famous “no elation on the face of Denis Law” relegation to Division II had faded, the reality was a team that was far too good for Division II got to skate their way back up to the top in a single season as if nothing happened.

It was a strange season though, as the famous Red Devils and their, well, “spiky” 1970s fans came to visit Orient, Bristol Rovers, York and, in today’s programme, Hull City.

Not that the Tigers were in any less a fiery mood – Terry Neill left 10 games into the season after a hostile terrace campaign, and Hull had already suffered 4, 5 and 6 goal defeats.

Hull City can always be commended for one of the greatest programme covers of all time (the roaring tiger delights of the 70s), and with plugs for the sensational “Beeliweelz”, players dipping into wastepaper businesses, and a big game atmosphere promised, the programme captures not just the 70s, but a time Hull and Man U were genuine equals – and just to prove it, Hull won 2-0…


Manchester United – with Macari, Tommy Doc and Mick Martin, lock up your wives, daughters, drinks cabinet and wallets denizens of Hull.


A focus on Chris Galvin and his wife Sue – Chris dreams of nothing more than success in the waste paper industry (no, really)…


The exciting world of Beeliweelz – they’re fun, they’re safe, they promote road safety…they’ll probably get you beaten up by a bully.


Is this you? Then you’ve won our Eric Morecambe lookalike competition. Your prize: dinner for two with Assem Allam.

Ken Wagstaff’s testimonial is going to be big – and the “Is this you?” competition brings you all the excitement of being a Hull City fan in 1974.


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