Southampton vs Derby – League Cup, 1978

By Miles McClagan

1978, when elbows weren't just allowed, they were mandatory.

1978, when elbows weren’t just allowed, they were mandatory.

Programme: Southampton vs Derby County (Football League Cup)

Date: 3rd October 1978

Score: 1-0

Fans of Southampton’s late 1970s programmes are well versed in two very special regular features. The first is the magical moment when Lawrie McMenemy wanders out into the public to do his bit for the Southampton pools and the second is whatever acts are appearing at the social club.

To take the latter first, every Sunday lunchtime was “Mainly for men”, with a promised comedian (working blue) and exotic dancer. Nigel Hopkins (a really tremendous trumpet player!) and the brilliant and very popular “TRILOGY” complete this week’s stellar line-up.

As for Lawrie, sadly for this League Cup programme he doesn’t get out to pass on a cheque to the winner (which leads to some very awkward council house themed shots). However at least Lawrie gets to meet some of the agents who sell the tickets in a splendid white jacket and Bee Gees style open shirt…

This is the programme from Southampton vs Derby – the Saints winning 1-0 in the League Cup on the road to Wembley (where they made it all the way to the final, losing to Nottingham Forest). We of course are far more interested in Alan Ball lithographs, Ibiza Suites and, yes, wondering what happened to Trilogy around these parts…


We promised you Alan Ball lithographs, and if you make a cheque/PO payable to Adam & Lane…


The big cheese in Southampton – Lawrie McMenemy – makes the day of some pools agents. Why is “SPERRINGS” in capital letters? We really aren’t sure…


Look at this photo and tell me you don’t want to travel back in time to go to the Soton Supporters Social Club…

The truly great Southampton social club – with Manly Sunday, excellent trumpet players, and friendly darts players to go and meet.


Made in a sweatshop in Gosport, the last vestiges of British manufacturing bring you the Ibiza Suite at a reasonable price.

You boys in the front row - just relax.

You boys in the front row – just relax.

The home team – in all their comfy chaired team photo glory.

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