Give Shovel a hand

by Ian Kerr Only for a very serious reason would I include a photo of Carlton SC’s arch-nemesis John Anastasiadis wearing South Melbourne colours in a TWL blog post. The other man in the photo is David “Shovel” Cervinski – one of the original members of the Carlton SC squad – in his Wollongong Wolves days. He won the NSL championship with Wollongong and with Melbourne Knights. And he should have won the Grand Final with Carlton if it weren’t for the other man in the photo and his mate Boutsianis.

Now Shovel is fighting stage 4 melanoma, and his former teammates are rallying to raise funds to help Shovel keep on fighting.

Cervinski had one of the NSL’s most enduring haircuts: a magnificent mullet, tied back in a ponytail that put the Divine version to shame. His brother Adrian had a spectacular mop as well, but it was David who committed to the long locks well into the new millennium.

He also liked – and probably still likes – his moccasins. After Melbourne Knights won the 1995 NSL Grand Final, Shovel donned the moccies to meet the then-Premier Jeff Kennett.

Goals weren’t his forte, but he did manage to score Carlton SC’s first NSL goal.

Here’s footage of Shovel scoring for Melbourne Knights back in the day:

Brian Hastings and other Wollongong Wolves identities and past players have banded together to help raise funds to that David’s treatment can continue.

No matter what size your donation might be, it really lifts Shovel’s spirits to know that there are people all over Australia and the world who care.

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