Dave Roberts and his quest for non-league nirvana

Paradise beckoned for Dave Roberts. Bromley had been promoted to the top division of the National League for the first time in its 130-year history. Coincidentally, Dave (a Bromley tragic) moved back to the UK after 35 years living overseas. The latest book by the author of "The Bromley Boys" and "32 Programmes".
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Going to the Match

Going To The Match is the new football culture photography book from Przemek Niciejewski.
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A history of their own

A People's History of Tottenham HotspurDo we inherit a club's history when we take on the burden of supporting the club? Do we vest ourselves in the attitudes or bigotries associated with the club's fans? Do we hate our club's rivals? Why?
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Another Bloody Saturday

Another Bloody SaturdayIn the depths of winter, when sunlight is in short supply, the rain blowing in sideways and a perfectly acceptable Greatest-League-In-The-World match showing on TV, why would any sane person go to watch a lower league match in person?
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Forever Boys: the legendary Manchester City side of the late 1960s

Manchester City did indeed exist before the oil money came. It existed before it plunged down the divisions. It existed before Georgi Kinkladze roamed Maine Road. It existed before the Gallagher brothers. The Manchester City side of the late 1960s won the first division title, the FA Cup, the League Cup, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, and (if you consider it a proper title, and there are those who don't) the Community Shield.
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