Becoming a contributor to Thin White Line

Are you a writer, photographer or illustrator with football in your veins? Or even your arteries? We’re always on the lookout for talented contributors who want to be part of our creative team.

We accept submissions for our printed magazine as well as the blog.

Before you send us your work, familiarise yourself with the articles and photos that we publish in Thin White Line. We generally don’t publish opinion pieces. We seek original, unpublished work. Only under very special circumstances will we publish work that has been published elsewhere.

Submissions for Thin White Line issue 4: We are currently accepting submissions for issue 4. Submissions close in January 2016.

Submissions received after the closing date will be considered for the following issue.

How to pitch your article (writers):

  1. Go to the Thin White Line website contact form.
  2. Explain your proposed article in 50-100 words. You’ll need to outline the topic and why you’re the person to tell the story. If the article is not yet written, then tell us when you can have it ready. Let us know if you have photos to accompany the article.
  3. Include links to any of your work that has been published online.
  4. Check your spelling before you hit “Send”. You may also choose to tell us how wonderful we are. Flattery helps.


  1. Go to the Thin White Line website contact form.
  2. Tell us about the project you’d like to submit, including whether the photos are ready for publication or if they’ve yet to be taken.
  3. Include links to any of your work that has been published online.

We try to respond to all potential contributors who contact us.

Some tips for emerging writers and photographers:

  1. Follow us on Twitter.
  2. Like us on Facebook.
  3. Buy a copy of the magazine. Make sure that the article you’re pitching fits in with the style of the magazine.

We have published a range of emerging and established contributors in Thin White Line – you could join their ranks.